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Top 5 resources for learning Accessibility

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It was a challenging experience when I was asked to develop an accessible website for one of our clients. Being a newbie to the world of accessibility I had to explore and find resources related to accessibility. One thing I found was, there were so many sites that had information on accessibility that finding the best was another hurdle to reach my goal of creating accessible website. Based on my experience, I have listed down some resources from the pool of accessibility.

So below are the top 5 resources for learning Accessibility!

  1. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium – Web Accessibility Initiative WAI)

The  international standards for the Web: HTML, CSS,  etc. were developed by World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has developed standards and support materials to help us learn the basics of accessibility. They have provided us with resources to make our websites, applications, and other digital creations accessible. They also have tutorials on web content designed for a variety of individuals, such as Web developers, Web designers and Web trainers.

  1. WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind)

WebAIM provides in-depth information on accessibility, guidelines to build accessible products and assistive technology. They have also developed a browser extension tool WAVE to check for any website’s compliance with accessibility standards. It is a great and handy tool for accessibility testers and developers.

  1. The A11Y Project

A11y is a site developed collectively by developers on GitHub using Jekyll. It is an open source site where people can make their own contributions. They have divided the topics on accessibility into short articles so that newbies can easily grasp them.

  1. MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is a website developed by Mozilla and other contributors that feature different topics such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They have also covered topics of mobile accessibility.

  1. Mailing List and other resources:

I learnt a lot about accessibility from the discussions on various communities such as GitHub, Stack Exchange, WordPress etc. There are many posts on accessibility available across the web where accessibility experts and consultants discuss  web accessibility issues. We can subscribe to these mailing lists to keep up with the current trends in the world of accessibility.

If you find any other useful online resource do share with us in the comment section to help the community at large to gain some information.

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