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Ways you can Partner with BarrierBreak

Referral Partner

The Referral Digital Accessibility Partner Program is a way for you to promote the accessibility of digital solutions while earning a referral fee. Help businesses grow better by supporting them in achieving accessibility compliance, ensuring equal access for all users.

Accessibility consultants, Inclusive and User Research Designers, Web Developers, D&I Consultants, or Marketing Consultants earn a referral fee by recommending BarrierBreak to your customers in the global marketplace.

Be the change and help businesses around the world grow better, recommend digital accessibility for all!

Reseller Partner

The Reseller Digital Accessibility Partner Program makes Accessibility a value-added offering that is seamlessly integrated for your customers. Ensure accessibility compliance and help them go beyond in building inclusion on the web and mobile.

The Partner Program supports Advertising & Media agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies & Consulting firms, Accessibility Consultancies, and Education Technology Solution Providers. Expand your accessibility offerings and bring value to the brands you work with.

Be inclusive, embed accessibility and bring value to your customers, meet accessibility compliances!

What Happens When You Partner with BarrierBreak?

BarrierBreak is your trusted Offshore Accessibility advisor with deep expertise and experience in delivering world-class digital accessibility solutions. With expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines such as Section 508, ADA, WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 we help you achieve digital accessibility at scale.

Accessibility Experts

Work with a trusted name in Accessibility & get access to experienced Digital Accessibility Professionals who have experience in delivering solutions in North America, UK & European markets.

Earn Revenue Share

Grow your business by adding Accessibility as an additional revenue stream.

Partner Backing

Dedicated partner and support team that helps you grow for a profitable relationship.

Build Inclusion

Inspire brands across the globe and adapt to the ever-changing accessibility needs.

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Our Reseller Partner

Coastside Media - Strategize, Create, Analyze Logo

At Coastside Media, we believe in empowering our people and our clients to thrive through education and transparency. We strive to have honest and open communication between our teams and the businesses we serve. ADA compliance is a top priority for Coastside Media, and it is our mission is to find the best, be the best and bring the best to make your digital assets compliant. Building bridges so everyone has access to the web is more than just words, it is our commitment.

Our Referral Partner

Trusaic Logo

Trusaic’s PayParitySM software helps organizations conduct pay equity audits so that they can identify fair pay issues at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, disability, age, and more. Using data-driven, patented technology, PayParity helps organizations achieve and maintain pay equity.

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