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SAAS Accessibility Toolkit

A guide to implementing accessibility in your SAAS products.

The "Why" and "How" of SAAS Accessibility

Inclusive technology will be a key driver of growth for SAAS companies. SAAS accessibility should be put at the forefront of the business.

Are your customers asking for a VPAT at the time of procurement of Software as a service (SAAS) products? Are they asking for Section 508 and ADA Compliance to evaluate your SAAS product? And are you wondering how to implement accessibility in your solutions?

If you have answered an yes to any of the questions above then this toolkit is for you.

Having a good SAAS product doesn’t mean that your customers will procure it. For organizations focusing on Inclusion, the accessibility of your SAAS solution, will be a key point in their decision making. Organizations today want to ensure they are promoting an inclusive culture and It would be plain wrong to discriminate against people with disabilities and deny them equal access.

The SAAS Accessibility toolkit aims to facilitating better understanding on how to implement accessibility and where to start. It will give you a roadmap to work towards and implement accessibility in your SAAS products in the most efficient manner.

Your Accessibility Partner

Having 17+years of experience in accessibility testing, BarrierBreak is the leader in offshore digital accessibility. We employ people with disabilities and understand their needs. With a team of  250+  employees,  65% of them being people with disabilities, our team has expert knowledge about various Accessibility Standards and Guidelines. 

We are also proud members of W3C & IAAP and thus empower our clients to build accessibility into their solutions and mitigate the risk of digital accessibility lawsuits. 

Step towards Inclusion

  • Download the SAAS Accessibility Toolkit.
  • Analyze how you can implement SAAS accessibility with the framework provided in the toolkit.
  • If you need an accessibility partner, setup a meeting with BarrierBreak's Director - Strategy & Growth.
  • Co-create an accessibility roadmap for your organization along with the BarrierBreak team.

Why SAAS Accessibility Toolkit?

  • Better understanding of the global accessibility drivers.
  • Helps you plan your accessibility roadmap and overcome the struggle of implementing accessibility.
  • Evaluate the competitive advantage of implementing accessibility.
  • Recognize the SAAS accessibility market potential and avoid negative brand positioning.
  • Helps you embed accessibility in your product development cycle and avoid legal consequences.
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Why BarrierBreak?

Recognized Global Experts for Accessibility Solutions

With expertise in understanding the global accessibility requirements, BarrierBreak has offered accessibility consulting and testing solutions to clients in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Qatar, European Union. We setup dedicated teams that work for you and help your team understand accessibility and create a detailed VPAT for you. The accessibility testing team not only ensures WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 conformance but also ADA & Section 508 compliant.


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