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Mobile Accessibility Testing

Mobile Accessibility Testing

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Mobile Accessibility Testing Solutions

Despite the popularity of mobile devices and applications, a big number of users which include people with disabilities find it challenging to use them. Webaim survey shows that 82% of screen reader users use a mobile device. Hence, it has become very important to ensure mobile accessibility not only to be legally compliant but also to ensure that you do not miss out on the important market segment that includes people with disabilities.

Making any website or application accessible on mobile devices is equally important as making them accessible on desktops.

The mobile accessibility testing service addresses accessibility issues of a broad range of devices including phones and tablets, digital TVs, wearables, other “Internet of Things” etc.

We work across all mobile devices catering to different operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows.

With expertise in understanding the global accessibility requirements, we have offered mobile accessibility testing solutions to clients in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Qatar, European Union.


Our team of accessibility experts evaluate your mobile applications as per user experience and accessibility guidelines. With a proper analysis of the barriers faced by persons with disabilities, user testing is executed by persons with disabilities using assistive technologies.


Our team provides you with expert advice on how to integrate accessibility in your mobile applications. We work closely with your team by providing you a detailed report of accessibility vulnerability and code recommendations to ensure accessibility compliance.


Our mobile accessibility testing can be a one time testing service or an on-going team support. We work closely with your team to help them think accessibility and assist you by providing periodic monitoring of your applications.

Cost Effective Mobile Website and Applications Accessibility Testing Solutions

Information on the go can empower people with visual, hearing, learning and mobility impairment with independence and sense of freedom. Our mobile accessibility testing service, test mobile applications and provide recommendations and solutions to include a larger audience like people with disabilities. We setup dedicated teams that work for you and help your team understand accessibility.

525,000Accessibility Testing Hours Yearly

270+Team - Accessibility Experts

4 million +Document Remediated

Why work with us?

Ensure that your website is usable by people with disabilities aligning the accessibility services to your organizational needs and strategy.

  • Excellent understanding of accessibility and needs of people with disabilities
  • Mobile applications assessment & evaluation by accessibility experts
  • Evaluate adherence to different accessibility guidelines
  • User tests executed with persons with disabilities using assistive technologies
  • Compliance with Section 508 and conformance to ADA, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 and WCAG 2.2.

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