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Section 508 Testing

What we do?

Section 508 Testing Solutions

Expert guidance to make your website or product Section 508 compliant and create detailed Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT).

Section 508 standard of the Rehabilitation Act 1973 requires all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities. The Section 508 accessibility standard apply to electronic and information technology procured by the federal government, including computer hardware and software, websites, multimedia such as video, phone systems, and copiers.

Section 508 compliance does not apply to federal agencies alone but also private companies, financial industries, healthcare, legal, or any other organization that does business with a federal agency.

BarrierBreak’s Section 508 testing solutions, assist your organization to ensure that your websites, products and services adhere to Section 508 accessibility standards.  With a proper evaluation of your accessibility needs, our team works with you closely to chart a path to make your website or product Section 508 compliant.

We go beyond automated Section 508 testing and ensure a thorough manual check of your website and other digital products. Section 508 audit provides you an in-depth report of accessibility vulnerabilities to ensure that your website or product meets Section 508 compliance.

In addition, our accessibility testing team also help you with a detailed  VPAT creation. Based on your needs, we perform a Section 508 audit to identify the accessibility issues and prioritizing them. We help you improve the overall Section 508 compliance of your website or product and create a VPAT that discloses the state of accessibility.


The Section 508 testing team includes accessibility experts and people with disabilities who evaluate the existing state to understand your accessibility requirements. We provide you a comprehensive report addressing the accessibility issues and the changes to be implemented to help you make your website or product meet Section 508 compliance.


The team extends technical assistance to your internal teams by guiding them in implementing accessibility in your websites or products. Technical assistance can be by providing the solution or assisting your team to think of how to integrate accessibility to make your website or product Section 508 compliant.


Our testing model helps you set up a team that will regularly monitor Section 508 compliance of websites or products that are subject to change. We can also set up a dedicated team for periodic monitoring and provide you a detailed accessibility status report as the progress is made.

Section 508 Compliance Testing & Audit

Section 508 evaluation to help you get an edge over your competitors and ensuring Section 508 Compliance

Section 508 accessibility testing service provides one time or on-going accessibility support to ensure accessibility integration into your organization and get the edge over your competitors by ensuring that your products and services are Section 508 compliant. BarrierBreak works with clients in the US, UK, European, Canadian & Middle Eastern markets to integrate accessibility into the development life cycle and thus ensure that the products and services conform to WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 & ADA standards and meet Section 508 compliance.


200,000 Accessibility Testing - Hours Yearly

4 million+Documents Remediated


Why work with us?

Accessibility testing, audit and review to ensure that your websites, products and services are Section 508 compliant.

  • Excellent understanding of accessibility and needs of people with disabilities
  • Product assessment & Section 508 evaluation by accessibility experts
  • Evaluate product's adherence to different accessibility guidelines
  • Section 508 accessibility testing executed with persons with disabilities using various assistive technologies
  • Compliance with Section 508, ADA and conformance to WCAG 2.0, & WCAG 2.1.
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