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9 Empathy Experiences on the 9th GAAD to see empathy from the lens of Accessibility!

Being an equal opportunity employer and with approx. 65% of our staff comprising of persons with different types of impairments, BarrierBreak always aims to bridge the differences underlying between ability and disability.

We have come across various questions throughout our journey and some of the common ones include:

  • Why Accessibility?
  • Why Inclusion as we do not have disabled customers?
  • Can blind people watch television?
  • Why do we need sign language?
  • Can't deaf people read?

On the 9th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we have put together 9 Empathy Experience cards with the aim to answer your questions & break the myths around disability, inclusion and accessibility by experiencing things for yourselves & noticing how the experience was.

Empathy Experiences are 9 different experiences that you and your teams can conduct and discuss together in your organization. The aim has been to take real world situations that we all encounter on a regular basis and understand the challenges that people with disabilities especially face.

  • Consider diverse groups of people to get a better understanding of various challenges faced by people with disabilities.
  • Take the time to notice and discuss with your team what worked, what didn't work, how did each person overcome the challenges.

Fill the form to download these cards and conduct these experiences with your team listing down the challenges that people with diverse abilities might face. Let’s see empathy from a different lens – the lens of accessibility!


An email will be sent with a link to download the Empathy Experience cards. So do share your corporate email address.

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