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Make Inclusion Happen

Together let us shape tomorrow at BarrierBreak.

Why us?

Accessibility in our DNA

We are passionate about accessibility and we are working to find new and better ways to help us towards achieving inclusion. We are looking for people like you to help shape tomorrow at BarrierBreak.

We are working towards building an inclusive society where everyone has equal access and we strive to live by these same values in all workplaces.

What makes us different

BarrierBreak for All

Diversity & Inclusion

BarrierBreak is an equal opportunity employer that focuses on a more equitable and accessible work environment that values diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender or disability and all our employment is on the basis of qualifications, merit and business requirement.

Training & Mentoring

Mentoring is a big part of our culture and we have informal mentoring for our employees at every stage of their career. We offer and support continuous on the job and off the job training to enhance job and management related skills and equip our employees with the skills they need to manage themselves as well as their team.

Come Join Barrier Break

Job Vacancy

Associate Accessibility Tester

Experience 0 - 4 years

Associate Technical Trainer

Experience 1 - 4 years

Associate Content Writer

Experience 0 - 2 years

Hear our Employees


We have great opportunity of self-improvement and learn new things in BarrierBreak. Every employee is given a responsibility and the required support to help you grow each day.  I feel happy to work with a team that is supportive and always ready to help in any situation. Weekly fun activities and festival celebrations helps us relax and refresh our mind.

Arundhati Bhatkar

Arundhati Bhatkar

PDF Expert

BarrierBreak is just one big family! We work hard and deliver the highest quality work, yet we know how to have fun. We have an open and transparent communication right from the interaction with our peers, team leads, project managers and the management. The passion and commitment that each one has towards accessibility is the most energizing aspect at work.

Leander Rodrigues

Leander Rodrigues

Team Lead – Content Writer

From zero knowledge on Accessibility to understanding it better with each passing phase of my work experience here at BarrierBreak has been my greatest achievement. The never-ending possibility of learning about Accessibility and different techniques related to it keeps me motivated. The support from my team-mates, colleagues, and seniors have been amazing.

Salim Khan

Salim Khan

Associate – Head Accessibility Testing

As a visually impaired person what I like the most is the freedom of sharing our ideas and suggestions which BarrierBreak gives to all its employees without any discrimination. As a team we all stand for our values I3ON. We are like a tree where the roots, branches, leaves and flowers support each other to grow and prosper in our work environment.

Sampa Gupta

Sampa Gupta

Associate Accessibility Tester

The best part of working in BarrierBreak is the inclusive work environment and working on different challenges everyday. I feel connected with my team members as many are deaf like me and also we my team leaders are very supportive. In addition the sign language interpretation support is also very helpful in our organization.

Pratik Prabhu

Pratik Prabhu

Senior Content Digitizer

At BarrierBreak we work and grow as a team. Working together as a team plays a vital role in the success of any project. We conduct sessions of brainstorming and feedback to improve the quality and performance of the team. I get energized the most by leading an amazing team, learning new things, acquiring new skills, and improving myself in each project.

Alice Gonsalves

Alice Gonsalves

Team Lead

Our People

Creating a World of Inclusion

Our employees are the heart of our business and so we place a strong emphasis on creating the right working culture, one that is based on our values. We boast of having an inclusive culture where differences of people are valued and every individual is embraced based upon their ability.

Over 240 Employees

Inclusion, innovation, teamwork, and passion for accessibility is what drives our employees that propel the company forward. Our employees are our most valued assets and we are continuously growing together and scaling culture consciously.

 on Over 240 Employees

57% Women Employees

At BarrierBreak, we believe that achieving greater gender equality has strengthened our company significantly. We have seen positive developments as we see an increase in the percentage of women employees in our workplace.

 on 57% Women Employees

42% A11y Experts with Disabilities

Being an inclusive workplace, we value all employees irrespective of their disabilities. Our people have access to the latest assistive technology, tools and training that helps them work productively in a barrier-free workplace.

 on 42% A11y Experts with Disabilities
For Our People

An Ideal Workplace

BarrierBreak offers a very positive work environment where employees are encouraged to excel at all time. Market competitive compensations, paid time off and fun activities, professional development opportunities are some factors that makes us an ideal organization to work for.

  • Competitive Environment At BarrierBreak, we promote a healthy competitive work environment that helps spur our employees to continual improvement, using each other's performances as inspiring benchmarks.
  • Transparent Work Culture BarrierBreak follows an open – door strategy and believes in honest communication where information flows freely between people and teams. Knowledge is available and open across all the teams.
  • Career Progression Opportunity At BarrierBreak we offer unlimited learning experiences and a wealth of career opportunities that are designed to empower our people and support them to take their career to the next level.
  • Technical Excellence We provide access to the latest technology and tools that supports overall development of our employees. A physically accessible workplace and access to assistive solutions supports our employees with disabilities to excel in their work.
  • Employee Well-Being Our employee’s optimal well-being is a priority and we are constantly finding ways to accommodate the needs for empathy towards our employees. Flexible working hours, work from home are some options that promotes work-life balance for our employees.
  • Appreciation & Recognitions BarrierBreak ensures that our employees know the contributions they make to the company and we recognize and appreciate employees going above and beyond for their performance, years of service and achievement.

Join Our Team: If you love technology and are passionate about accessibility, send your resume to