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Digital Accessibility Training

Digital Accessibility Training

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Accessibility Training

BarrierBreak accessibility training programs are delivered by experienced accessibility experts who are passionate about technology and making the digital world more inclusive.

At BarrierBreak we strongly believe that ensuring accessibility is not just a goal but a responsibility. Since our inception we have been providing virtual as well as on-site training and technical assistance to digital experts, across the globe.

Web Accessibility Fundamentals

  • WCAG Principles
  • Semantic HTML
  • Images & Multimedia
  • Color coding & Contrast
  • Keyboard Access
  • Forms
  • Dynamic content

Interactions with ARIA

  • Introduction to ARIA
  • Accessible Name & Description
  • Landmarks & Live regions
  • Focus Management
  • Widgets: Accordions, Tabs, Dialogs, Menus

Native iOS Apps & Accessibility

  • Introduction
  • Use of color & color contrast
  • Text resizing
  • Working with Images
  • Menus & Navigation
  • Dynamic updates: Alerts & User Notifications

Native Android Apps Accessibility

  • Introduction
  • Use of color & color contrast
  • Text resizing
  • Working with Images
  • Menus & Navigation
  • Dynamic updates: Alerts & User Notifications

Disability Sensitization

  • Introduction to disability
  • Types of Assistive technologies
  • How people with disabilities use Assistive Technologies

Accessible PDF Documents

  • Overview: WCAG PDF Techniques & PDF/UA
  • Document Properties
  • Document Structure:
    • Headings, Lists, Tables
  • Reading Order
  • Evaluating PDFs for Accessibility

Accessible PDF Forms

  • Working with form fields:
    • Text fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons
  • Defining form properties
  • Adding tooltips & Name
  • Tabbing vs Reading order

InDesign & Accessibility

  • Overview: InDesign & Accessibility
  • Working Master page, Article panel, styles
  • Document structure:
    • Headings, Lists, Tables
  • Reading order
  • Export to PDF

Accessible Word Documents

  • Document properties
  • Document structure:
    • Headings, Lists, Tables
  • Document formatting
  • Accessibility Checker

Accessible PowerPoint

  • Document properties
  • Document structure:
    • Lists, Tables
  • Outline view vs Reading order
  • Working with Master slides
  • Accessibility checker

Access to accessibility experts and professionals that can adapt to meet your training requirements.

BarrierBreak is an accessibility testing & consulting company in India and works with clients in the US, UK, European, Canadian & Middle Eastern markets to enhance their reach through accessible solutions. We provide digital accessibility training and empower and equip your team for an inclusive world.

525,000Accessibility Testing Hours Yearly

270+Team - Accessibility Experts

4 million +Document Remediated

Why work with us?

The leaders in offshore accessibility testing, consulting, and training with the ability to build customized services for small business to fortune 500 companies.

  • Team of accessibility experts who are at the forefront, ensuring excellent training.
  • Cost Effective and wide range of accessibility training services to suit your organizations accessibility needs.
  • The right choice of accessibility trainer that stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.
  • Expertise in Section 508, ADA, EAA, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 & WCAG 2.2.
  • Offshore accessibility services with the ability to scale up and down as per your needs.

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