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Cheat Sheet – Screen Reader Commands for JAWS, NVDA – Web

5 December, 2018 by Jyoti Verma

Being a low vision user, before I was introduced to screen readers I always wondered if I could ever use a computer. As all I knew of computer was it was a powerful tool to get information over the internet, which had a monitor which displays the information, a keyboard to type the data and a mouse to navigate and click the interactive elements.

But it was like a dream come true when I began to work with screen readers. Yes screen readers do not rely on mouse. I could perform all activities only by my keyboard that someone could do with a mouse. Isn’t that cool??

Though at first I found it difficult and tiring job as I had to navigate to entire page with the arrow keys. But as I explored more I found many keystrokes that helped in scanning through a page through heading, quickly jumping to links, finding the form field etc.

Now Screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS and many more is been a part of my day to day job. But sometimes I too get confused with some of the keystrokes. So I always keep a Cheat sheet for screen reader commands handy with me!

So I thought of sharing it with the community so that users can access a webpage with ease.

Navigating Using both Jaws and NVDA:

The following table lists JAWS and NVDA commands for accessing website:

Keystrokes to read content:

Function Jaws




Read Web page Title Insert + T Insert + T
Go to Next Heading  H H
Go to Previous Heading Shift + H Shift + H
Heading levels 1-6 (Numeric) 1-6 1-6
Open the Headings list dialog (JAWS) or Elements List dialog (NVDA) Insert+F6 Insert + F7 then Alt + H
Go to Next List L L
Go to Previous List Shift+ L Shift+ L
Go to Next  List Item I I
Go to Previous  List Item Shift + I Shift + I
Go to Next Link Tab Tab/ K
Go to Previous Link Shift + Tab Shift + Tab/ Shift +K
Go to Next Unvisited Link U U
Go to Previous Unvisited Link Shift + U Shift + U
Go to Next Visited Link V V
Go to Previous Visited Link Shift + V Shift + V
Open the Links list dialog (JAWS) or Elements List dialog (NVDA) Insert+F7 Insert+F7
Elements List – landmarks  Insert + Control + R NVDA+F7
Go to Next Graphic G G
Go to Previous Graphic Shift + G Shift + G
List of Graphic Insert + Control + G

Now let’s find out the commands for navigating with tables!

Keystrokes to read Table:

The following table lists JAWS and NVDA commands for reading Tables:

Function Jaws




Go to Next Table T T
Go to Previous Table Shift + T Shift + T
List of Tables Insert + Control +T
Move to next cell Ctrl + Alt +Right Arrow Ctrl +Alt +Right Arrow
Move to previous cell Ctrl + Alt+ Left Arrow Ctrl+ Alt+ Left Arrow
Move Down cell Ctrl+ Alt+ Down Arrow Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Move Up cell Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow

Now let’s find out the commands for interacting with Web forms!

Keystrokes to interact with Form Fields:

The following table lists JAWS and NVDA commands for reading Web forms:

Function Jaws




Go to Next Form Element F or Tab F or Tab
Go to Previous Form Element Shift +F or Shift + Tab Shift + F or Shift + Tab
List of Form Elements Insert+F5
Go to Next Button B B
Go to Previous Button Shift  +B Shift + B
Go to Next Radio button A R
Go to Previous Radio button Shift + A Shift + R
Go to Next Checkbox X X
Go to Previous Checkbox Shift + X Shift + X
Go to Next Combo box C C
Go to Previous Combo box Shift + C Shift + C
Enter Forms Mode Enter key Enter key or NVDA key + Space
Exit Forms Mode key Escape or Numpad 5 (Num lock off) NVDA key + Space

Tip : Instead of remembering multiple keystrokes for various elements in JAWS, there is one master keystroke “Insert+F3”.

Screenshot of Virtual HTML features when JAWS users use keystroke Insert + F3.

Hope this cheatsheet will make your life easier  and do share your experiences of using the above commands!!




December 7, 2018


I would like to know if you provide any services for ADA testing including providing certification after your company performs ADA testing? If so, please share your pricing information at my email address.




July 27, 2019

I’m keen in learning SPSS/STATA data statistical tools. Is it possible with Jaws or NVDA? If yes, kindly advice on the key strokes.



August 19, 2019

Thank you for this! How do you read noninteractive text? I’ve been looking all over and can’t seem to get NVDA to read anything but links, headings, landmarks, etc. but I cannot get it to read the content on websites. I’ve tried the arrow keys, and that just takes me back and forth between the links.

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