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Accessibility Testing – Offshore & Captive Model

2016 has seen a surge in the demand of accessibility testing services due to the compliance requirements particularly due to various laws and standards in the US, Canada, Australia, and EU. Whether it is the need to comply with Section 508, 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), Air Carrier Access Act, or the European Standard – EN 301 549, organizations are actively exploring how to implement accessibility in their products and services.

The task at hand to implement accessibility is quite daunting for companies, since they need to look at how to implement accessibility in their legacy system, new technologies in development as well as third party solutions that are often used.

Some of the challenges that organizations face in implementing accessibility and how we help overcome these challenges at BarrierBreak:

  • Understanding of Accessibility – Identifying vendors who understand accessibility can be challenge. For most organizations accessibility is just one of the many offerings in software testing. At BarrierBreak, accessibility is our key focus area. Our teams live and breathe accessibility testing, it is our priority.
  • Access to talented teams – Our teams are trained in accessibility standards and guidelines. In addition, we are constantly learning the new techniques and technologies and how they impact accessibility. We believe in working with people who have experienced the impact of accessibility and 75% of our team includes people with disabilities.
  • Ability to Scale the team – Often one of the biggest challenges in implementing accessibility is the need to increase and decrease resources as per the requirements. We are a rapidly growing team of 120+ accessibility testers and experts with focus in various accessibility solutions. We provide the flexibility due to which you can start with a 3 people team and scale based on your requirements.
  • Access to technology – You don’t want to wait for the newest version of an operating system to get your product tested. Our accessibility lab has the latest assistive technology, wide variety of devices across various operating systems, providing the flexibility to provide a large number of environments for testing.
  • Liasoning with internal teams, vendors and customers – Tired of being the go-between and explaining accessibility to different stakeholders. Our teams work as extensions of your own accessibility team. We work with internal product teams, vendors and even customers to provide accessibility solutions.

At BarrierBreak, we setup dedicated teams that work for our customers and help them understand accessibility. Our model provides the benefit of offshoring model by lowering costs but ensuring high level of quality.

If you are looking for an integrated model to deliver accessibility solutions, connect with us.  You can write to us at to schedule some time to explore how we can work together.

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