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Keyboard at every desk! Adaption to the Rescue!?

workdesk - laptop, keyboard, paper and pen on a table

I don’t know about you, but if I have to get work done, I prefer using the keyboard & keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse. I find it most effective and faster to manoeuvre with!

Yet when we go to buy a computer, the last thing that we consider is the keyboard! Maybe, we have got this wrong! The keyboard is actually the hero of our computing experience! But it is never recognized for it!

If you go to a bank, you often see that the tellers keyboard has been adapted, where keys have been planned based on the usage. For example, I have seen keyboards with 00s (two zeros)  and 000 (three zeros), I’m sure it helps the teller to enter the numbers faster rather than typing 0 (zero) multiple times.

This is what is adaption! This is adaptive technology or assistive technology!

Now lets go a step ahead!

If you are a low vision or an elderly person, why aren’t we trying a large print high contrast keyboard like the Key-U-See Keyboard.

If you have a child or have a  learning or cognitive challenges, why aren’t we trying the colour-coded keyboard like the Clevy Keyboard that makes the keys easier to remember.

These are small and simple adaptions that can help people to just make the complicated keyboard easier based on their needs.

If a banker can use an adaptive keyboard, then why don’t we see more of them based on people’s needs in the stores!

Let’s make computing easy and choose the correct keyboard!

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