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Accessible Components Released on GAAD

a girl working on a laptopThe Idea behind a component is creating re-usable code. Now wearing my accessibility hat, I would say should components be accessible! Simple principle, ensure your components or component libraries are accessible, so one can build accessible websites and apps!

So why don’t we ensure that every component that we use is accessible?

If components are the re-usable foundation, then I would recommend you invest time and money in ensuring your components are accessible. At BarrierBreak, we have seen numerous organizations struggle with implementing accessibility at scale. We believe this is where they can start.

Accessible Component Strategy

I was on a customer call, and they were using a slider which currently wasn’t accessible on 15 screens and interestingly there were 4 different types of sliders developed by different team members.

For me the first questions approach was, why 4 different sliders when the product is from one organization. Why don’t we have an organization way rather than a developer way.

The second approach was let’s make the slider accessible and then re-use the code!

This strategy can obviously save the organization time and money and also ensure that they follow a standard approach across their products.

Shouldn’t this be the way forward! Our Accessibility developers have been working on creating some accessible components and we will now be sharing the accessibility love by making these available on GitHub.

The first two components that we are sharing on the 9th Global Accessibility Awareness Day are an Accessible Accordion & an Accessible Custom Checkbox.

We hope that this will be the start of us sharing more components that developers can use to ensure their websites & web apps are accessible.

We would love to hear from you, so do share your feedback in the comments and if you would like to discuss how to build and test accessible component libraries, do feel free to email.

Let’s build accessible solutions!

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