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Corporate Disability Inclusion accelerating but not in the boardroom, survey finds

By Forbes

Workforce disability inclusion at some of America’s largest companies is in a healthier shape than ever before. There remains, however, one crucial area where progress appears slow and disability finds itself lagging well behind other diversity segments – its absence at the boardroom level!

BarrierBreak Highlight

a person using his iphone

Navigating web with VoiceOver rotor in iPhone and iPad

The VoiceOver rotor is a powerful tool that allows users with visual impairments to navigate the web effortlessly on their iPhones and iPads. Read this article to acquaint yourself with VoiceOver and take your accessibility journey in web navigation to the next level!

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People Stories

How Fannie Lou Hamer’s disability informed her fight for voting rights

By 19th News

Fannie Lou Hamer’s testimony at the 1964 DNC shook the nation and highlighted the fact that many people didn't realize that Hamer had a disability — or how it played into her activism. She was outspoken about the issues impacting her at a crucial time in history, when the civil rights movement, women’s rights movement and disability rights movement were all converging.

Top Picks

Google and Apple compete for AI-Powered accessibility.


With one in six people living with disability, ensuring that cities around the world are accessible to all is vital. But which cities are doing it best, and how? What do disabled travellers look for when choosing a city to visit? This is important not only to those of us with disability, but also for cities themselves!

Team Xbox celebrates Disability Pride month

By XBox

This July, as part of Disability Pride Month, Team Xbox proudly celebrates players, creators, and community members with disabilities. More than 400 million video game players have disabilities worldwide, and we recognize the incredible contributions the gaming and disability community has made in making Team Xbox, and the broader gaming industry, more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale: Audit – Maintain – Comply

BarrierBreak is the Leader in Offshore Digital Accessibility Testing & Consulting. Your trusted adviser and reliable source for accessibility testing solutions. Get in touch with us to ensure your digital solutions conform to WCAG 2.1 & 2.0,  Section 508 Testing, and to create a VPAT for your product.


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