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Featured Story

Why Law Firm Websites Must be Accessible?

By JD Supra
There are several law firms that are either completely virtual or have set up virtual parts of their firm. With respect to a law firm with a typical law office, there can be little doubt that the website needs to be meaningfully accessible to persons with disabilities because such a website is acting as a gateway to a brick-and-mortar location.

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What is an Accessibility Audit?

What is an Accessibility Audit? When should you conduct one?

An accessibility audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a website or application’s conformance with accessibility standards to meet the needs of people with disabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when to do an accessibility audit. The simple answer is start testing your solutions as early on in the process.

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People Stories

Takeaways from the Internet is Unusable: The Disabled View

By Lireo

At the April 2022 WordPress Accessibility Meetup, independent consultant Nicolas Steenhout discussed web accessibility and the diverse groups of people who benefit from accessibility, highlighting some of the less well-known aspects of accessibility.

Top Picks

Why the Metaverse needs Accessibility Testing?

By Forbes
Because the metaverse is still evolving, there’s a unique opportunity for companies to design and integrate accessibility and usability from the ground up. Understanding how real users of all abilities interact with the digital experience is crucial.

Lack of Internet, Web Accessibility harm employment for Disabled

By Bloomberg Law
Disparities in access to the internet and accessible websites is driving a gap in employment rates for people with disabilities, even as the prevalence of remote working opportunities has opened the door for them.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale:
Audit – Maintain – Compliance

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