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Featured Story

Why the GOV.UK Design System team changed the input type for numbers?


To provide users with a good service, government organizations usually need to collect data. Lots of data. The GOV.UK Design System team publishes patterns and components that let users enter their data in an easy and accessible way.

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People Stories

Making microservices accessible!

By Craig Abbott

Almost anything can be made accessible. But, depending on how you build your microservice will determine how much work you have to do! Weigh up all your options. Make accessibility a priority. Lead by example.

Top Picks

New app to help products become more accessible for people with visual impairments.

By AT Today

New technology is helping products to be more accessible for people with cognitive impairments through an app called NaviLens, which allows users to scan products with a unique code using the camera of their device to obtain important information about the packaging and product, such as ingredients and instructions.

Android adds a dedicated Reading mode app for web pages and more!

By 9to5Google

Google has announced that as part of its expanded Accessibility functions, Android is gaining a new Reading mode capable of turning websites and other content into easier-to-read formats.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale: Audit – Maintain – Comply

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