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WCAG 2.2 - A quick start guide

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Regina Folk Festival piloting accessibility project using hearing loop

By LeaderPost The Regina Folk Festival (RFF) is piloting a project at this year’s event with the aim of improving accessibility for the hearing impaired at future shows with the use of a Hearing Loop. It converts audio to a magnetic signal, which is transmitted to a person’s hearing aid, implant or headset and those within the loop can utilize its capabilities to hear the entertainment better by eliminating background noise.

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WCAG 2.2 - A Quick start guide

WCAG 2.2 – A Quick Start Guide

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 is scheduled to be published by December of 2022. The candidate recommendation is expected in September 2022 and thus it is the right time to figure out what WCAG 2.2 version has in store for us.

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People Stories

The ADA was a victory for the disabled community, but we need more.


"Growing up, I always used crutches to get around, and only would use a wheelchair for school field trips or vacations that involved long-distance walking; ableism and issues of inaccessibility are part of the reason why"

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Could this tool improve customer service for disabled people?

By Metro There are currently more than 14 million disabled people in the UK, half of which are of working age. A Scottish-based tech company has come up with an idea to let shops and businesses know when disabled customers are arriving, as well as how to help them.

Minnesota State Fair focused on addressing accessibility for all

By InForum In recent years, the State Fair has taken the wide issue of accessibility and brought it to the forefront of their planning. They offer an extensive accessibility guide including ASL interpreting services and sensory-friendly visits.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale: Audit – Maintain – Comply

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