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Apple’s next frontier: AI and the future of accessibility

By AbilityNet

There is little doubt that Apple will emphasize AI (artificial intelligence) in its 2024 releases. Apple's CEO Tim Cook has reiterated this point twice this year. But what could AI mean for disabled people and their accessibility to technology?

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What is the DOJ’s New Regulation on Web Content & Mobile App Accessibility?

On April 24, 2024, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II Web and Mobile Accessibility Regulations were published in the Federal Register by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Let's dive into what this rule means for governments or organizations working with governments.

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Hey Disney! Voice Assistant Now Available in All Walt Disney World Hotel Rooms

By WDW News Today

The Hey Disney! service from Amazon is now available in all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms. Guests can use Hey Disney! to have Mickey wake them up, order room service, learn the weather forecast, hear stories, play trivia, and more. It’s a voice assistant that uses more than 25 Disney characters to answer guest questions.

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How Shopify Checkout’s Built-in Accessibility Can Increase Conversion

By Shopify

Shopify Checkout's built-in accessibility helps to increase brand loyalty, giving your business a competitive edge and increases conversion opportunities. It is a highly accessible user experience by default. This means shoppers with disabilities can buy with confidence using their own assistive devices and technologies; no third-party apps or plug-ins are required.


Government to scrap controversial Green Paper on disability reform after backlash

By Irish Independent

The Government is scrapping its Green Paper on disability reform after significant backlash from campaigners. The document, from the Minister’s Department, proposed reforming the structure of long-term disability payments by establishing a three-tiered system. Under the tiers, levels of disability payments would have been dictated by the nature and restrictions of the disability and the person’s perceived ability to work.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale: Audit – Maintain – Comply

BarrierBreak is the Leader in Offshore Digital Accessibility Testing & Consulting. Your trusted adviser and reliable source for accessibility testing solutions. Get in touch with us to ensure your digital solutions conform to WCAG 2.1 & 2.2,  Section 508 Testing, and to create a VPAT for your product.


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