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Monthly newsletter - accessibility Buzz - April 2023

Featured Story

Accessible QR Code From Zappar Makes Packaging Talk To The Blind

By Forbes

Zappar, the venerable UK studio that was one of the pioneers in mobile AR, announced the launch of Zapvision, an Accessible QR code solution, which helps blind and partially sighted people access information related to items on store shelves and cupboards at home.

BarrierBreak Highlight

Myths VS Facts

Busting Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction in Accessible Interactive Elements

As an accessibility expert, I have always come across a question – be it from my team or the clients. How can I make this interactive element accessible? Most of time my answer is simple, use native HTML elements over ARIA. But what about custom interactive elements?

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People Stories

The Oscars Are Expanding Accessibility To The Red Carpet This Year

By Huffpost

For the first time in its 94-year history, the Academy Awards show is expanding its accessibility, both on and off screen, to the Oscars’ red carpet on Sunday. The Oscars’ red carpet will include audio transcriptions — provided by a team that includes a blind audio describer — and live captions to ensure access for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences.

Top Picks

An exploration of cinematic accessibility: Open captions set the standard

By Mashable

In the 21st century, auditory and visual accessibility has gained relevance for viewers with and without disabilities, as more and more audiences report that they prefer to watch content with subtitles or captions. As social media platforms and streaming apps have picked up on the demand, some have instituted automatically generated or even customizable captions.

Accessibility Tags roll out this week on PlayStation Store on the PS5 console

By Playstation

Accessibility Tags allow game developers to provide detailed insight on accessibility features supported in their games. As you browse various game hubs on PlayStation Store game hubs on PS5, you’ll see a list of accessibility features by pressing the “Triangle” button if the game you select supports Accessibility Tags. These can range from visual and audio accessibility settings to DualSense controller options, etc.

Achieve Digital Accessibility at Scale: Audit – Maintain – Comply

BarrierBreak is the Leader in Offshore Digital Accessibility Testing & Consulting. Your trusted adviser and reliable source for accessibility testing solutions. Get in touch with us to ensure your digital solutions conform to WCAG 2.1 & 2.0,  Section 508 Testing, and to create a VPAT for your product.


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