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Home Wondering what is the in-house accessibility team strength in organizations? – Accessibility Insights

Wondering what is the in-house accessibility team strength in organizations? – Accessibility Insights

In-house accessibility team strength in organizations

After 20+ years in Accessibility, I knew the answer to this but wanted to see what my LinkedIn network told me about the size of In-house Accessibility Teams in organizations.

Accessibility Drivers

We all know that Accessibility is a relatively nascent area of focus. There is this great article by WebAIM – The crisis is real – Where are the web accessibility professionals.

We have surely seen more and more companies focusing on Accessibility and also seeing the rise of lawsuits over digital accessibility.

The question yet remains how organizations are delivering on the accessibility promise. In the last 5 years, we have seen that companies are starting to build teams around accessibility.

In-House Accessibility Team Strength Poll

So, we ran a poll to gather some insights about in-house accessibility teams.

Team Size% of Companies

Highlights of the Poll Results

  • 56% of the teams are smaller than 10 people.
  • Only 6.5% of the teams are between 11-20.
  • Out of the 20+ team size, 61% were delivering IT services to customers, so we can assume that accessibility is one of those offerings.
  • Out of all the organizations, 62% of them were working on accessibility for their in-house teams.
  • When we map the industries that these organizations belong to, the top 5 are:
    • IT Services
    • Banking & Finance
    • Education
    • Product/Software Companies
    • Consulting Services

The number of digital assets that companies have internally or externally is only increasing. It is going to be critical to meet digital accessibility so that we can truly have inclusive organizations. Therefore, it is critically important to be focused on the accessibility of your assets by relying on a combination of your internal team and third-party vendors to achieve your accessibility goals.

I believe this is the start! Looking forward to an interesting few years ahead in the accessibility domain/space.

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