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Why testing with people with disabilities is important?

The terms usability and accessibility though closely related are often confused. A technically accessible product does not necessarily imply that it is usable, especially for people with disabilities who use various assistive technology. While accessibility refers to providing access a product, website, or an application to all including people with disabilities, usability is a measure of how easy an application, website or a software is to use.

An important part of usability testing is user testing, and to accommodate persons with disabilities as well as the elderly, it is necessary to test your website with people with disabilities.

User tests executed with persons with disabilities using assistive technologies, provides a better understanding of its usability, and ensures ease of access for all users including people with disability and the aged.

People with disabilities include those with:

  1. visual impairments
  2. hearing impairments
  3. mobility impairments
  4. cognitive impairments

To add to this, we also have people who are aged and those having English as a second language.

Getting the website, or the software tested with these users, not only help you highlight accessibility and usability needs but also help you add validity to your accessibility audits.

At BarrierBreak, we provide comprehensive accessibility testing solutions ensuring compatibility with accessible standards and guidelines. We test to the principles like perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for all users including persons with disabilities and work with WCAG 2.0, KWAG, ADA and Section 508.

Our offerings

  • Identify accessibility goals
  • Analytical study by accessibility experts
  • Analysis of the barriers faced by persons with disabilities
  • Evaluate product’s adherence to different accessibility guidelines
  • User tests executed with persons with disabilities using assistive technologies
  • Functional testing with accessibility experts

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