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What’s new in Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) 2.4?

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Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a widely adopted reporting format for documenting accessibility conformance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services. The VPAT helps procurement agencies in making informed decisions for buying and selling ICT products.

VPAT 2.0 was expanded to include the leading ICT accessibility standards, the Revised Section 508 (US), EN 301 549 (EU) and W3C WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) develops the VPAT and ensures that it is updated with the latest developments happening in different ICT accessibility standards and guidelines.

VPAT comprises of different Editions, WCAG, Section 508, EN 301 549 and International (Int) that include different accessibility standards and guidelines. The INT Edition of VPAT includes all the 3 leading ICT accessibility standards.

VPAT 2.4 was revised in February 2020 and was made available for download on March 7, 2020. Discuss your VPAT Strategy with an Accessibility Expert today. 

VPAT 2.4 Updates

Some of the key changes in VPAT 2.4 are:

  • Template date: template date is now removed from the document as it created confusion with the Report date. The date will be there in the filename and only version information will be present in the document.
  • Edition specific instruction: Instructions are changed based on the Edition, for e.g. in the WCAG Edition, only instruction related to WCAG is available.
  • Table heading: A table missing heading in the previous version is now been added.
  • EN 301 549 version: Links and tables of the EU and INT Editions are updated to reflect the new version of EN 301 459.

All in all, major update in VPAT 2.4 is associated with the EN 301 549 which reflects the new version of the standard and the other updates are relatively minor ones. So if you are focusing on the European Markets, time to update your VPATs.

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As a VPAT vendor, we provide VPAT audit support to our customers by conducting Section 508 testing and assisting them to create a VPAT and ACR for their product wherein we provide a third-party view of the product. If you are looking for an external accessibility consulting agency to author or update the VPAT for your product or service, write to us at!

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