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The ‘Why’ of having an Independent Accessibility Testing vendor? – Offshore Accessibility

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In 2020, offshoring is not new to the industry and even to your organization. It is highly probable that your company already has one or even multiple preferred offshore development vendor that work across multiple divisions & projects. An obvious choice would be to just have them conduct accessibility testing for a products or websites that they are developing.

But, is it advisable?

The question that needs to be asked is, can a contractor who has built a building, audit their own work, or should it be audited by an independent?

I think the answer is obvious! You & I would trust an audit conducted by independent authority more than one which is self-audited.  

BarrierBreak is a leader in offshore accessibility testing and supports customers globally to meet their accessibility compliance.

Let’s dive deeper into “Why” Independent Accessibility Testing.

Ensure vendor fulfils Contractual Obligations

As an organization focusing on accessibility, you have in your contract with the development company specified that the solution meets Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.1 – Level AA.
Your obligation doesn’t stop there. It is critical to conducting an independent accessibility test ensures that the vendor delivers on their obligation and allows you to get a product as per your specifications.

At BarrierBreakwe work with you to setup timely accessibility checks so that when the final product is delivered, it doesn’t lead to extra effort, delayed timelines and increased cost.

Unbiased Reporting

Performing an Accessibility Audit will allow you to identify gaps that can be addressed by the Developers prior to you accepting the project. This will also increase the accountability on the path of the development vendor to meet the accessibility standards.

We work with you to identify accessibility challenges and solutions that will allow people with disabilities to have equal access.

Pushing the envelope on implementing Accessibility

We often hear organizations say, an interaction is too complex and can’t be made accessible. This is one myth that we really need to change.

Everything can be made accessible. I know you might be saying, no that’s not what we have heard. But believe me, it can!  So, it would be good to challenge the development team to implement accessibility. 

Our team works with your development teams to provide innovative solutions to make even the most complex interactions accessible.

Provides Credibility & Enhances Customer Confidence

At the time of procurement, customers refer to Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT). It is a good practice to describe your process to meet accessibility compliance and how you have conducted the testing.

Having a third-party expert organization lends to the credibility of the product.

Reduce Risk

Ensuring that your solution has been audited and meets compliance helps reduce the risk for customers. Accessibility is about ensuring compliance too. Ensuring that your product or solution has been vetted by accessibility experts who include people with disabilities can give you the advantage over your competition.

We understand the business case behind accessibility.

Specialization in Accessibility

You have the choice of working with a generalist or a specialist. Accessibility goes beyond a checklist and it is critical to choose a partner who understand Accessibility. With over 15+ years of experience and being the leaders in Accessibility in India, BarrierBreak has Accessibility is in our DNA. Our own team comprises of approx. 70% people with disabilities.

 So, it’s time to think about how you would like to approach accessibility at your organization. Connect today for a 1 hour tête-à-tête focused discussion on accessibility.

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