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Tag: startups

14 October, 2020 Ramya Venkitesh

How can Edtech Startups benefit from adopting Accessibility?

Looking at the market opportunity, we have seen a surge in EdTech start-ups constantly introducing cutting edge technologies and learning methods to improve the overall experience for students as well as educators. However, the technologies that are being increasingly integrated into education can make life more difficult for some population groups which include people with…

30 September, 2020 Shilpi Kapoor

Mentorship — A gap for Assistive Technology Startups

In 2004, when I got funded by Aavishkaar, honestly I didn’t know much of the social enterprise or the venture capitalist world. I didn’t even know what it meant to have an investor. Was fortunate to have Aavishkaar & Vineet Rai believe in the idea of BarrierBreak & my own family who was willing to back the idea…

28 September, 2020 Shilpi Kapoor

Launching the BarrierBreak Assistive Technology Startup Mentorship Program

BarrierBreak is proud to announce the 3 month Assistive Technology Startup (ATS) Mentorship Program to assist startup founders focusing on solutions for people with disabilities. The ATS Mentorship Program will help startups identify & solve for their  focus areas. What we bring to the table is the deep knowledge of the disability sector, market understanding…