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Tag: Section 508

1 April, 2020 Shilpi Kapoor

What is Section 508? Where do we start?

Section 508 is a law. Yes a law, that requires Federal agencies to ensure that their Electronic & Information Technology is accessible to people with disabilities. In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Who does Section 508 apply to? It applies to all Federal agencies. What does Section 508 cover? It covers all…

19 December, 2018 Ramya Venkitesh

Accessibility 2018 – A Quick Look Back

Few days to go and before we ring in 2019, here is a quick look back at some of the main news in the land of accessibility: January 2018 The beginning of the year saw the refreshed Section 508 being legally coming into effect. The Section 508 standards were established in 1998, that require Federal…

1 February, 2017 Shilpi Kapoor

Some new and upcoming changes to the land of accessibility guidelines and standards

We welcome 2017 by celebrating a lot of big changes happening in the land of accessibility guidelines and standards. The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and WCAG 2.1 One of the biggest news is that W3C group previously called the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group” is now renamed to simply the “Accessibility Guidelines Working Group”…