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Tag: people with disabilities

21 October, 2020 Ramya Venkitesh

How would inclusive design help your organisation?

Limited awareness of people has constrained the use of the term ‘inclusion’ majorly with respect to culture, education and politics.  This has often led to the neglection of the importance of this term relating to the usability of many products and services for people with disabilities.   Inclusive design requires a change in the usual pattern of thinking. It therefore widens and ensures the reach and accessibility of mainstream products and services to…

29 May, 2018 Shilpi Kapoor

How are people with disabilities perceived by themselves and others?

Let me start by saying this is my view and I am sure lots of you may agree or disagree with me and I am fine with that! It’s good to have differences. Yes, I believe people with disabilities can do everything. Let me say this again, I believe that people with disabilities can do…