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Opportunities for Skill Development of People with low vision

2 February, 2017 by Ramya Venkitesh

If you are an NGO working on skill development of people with low vision, this is an opportunity you cannot resists!

Don’t know what technology to teach them? Don’t know how to overcome the barriers of inaccessible technology at the workplace? We have just the solution for employment of people with low vision!

BarrierBreak & Dolphin Computer Access extends the Technology Software Donation Program for Non-profit Organizations focusing on Employability of People with Low Vision. The Technology Software Donation Program will ensure that non-profits have access to the best low vision access solution to accomplish their work independently and efficiently and be gainfully employed.

If you would like to know more, fill up the form and our team will call you to discuss the opportunity with you in detail. In addition, reach out to Nishant at +91-7738204474 now!