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Time to Network & Learn

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BarrierBreak with Ability Net and IAAP *International Association of Accessibility Professionals) launched the ‘Network & Learn’, with the aim to build a community around accessibility professionals. The name stands true to its nature and is a great way for you to connect with other professionals in the accessibility space.

The virtual events takes place monthly as a networking session where members can share accessibility tips and expertise, but also help to build and strengthen our community for accessibility professionals.

After a great start to the first session last month, we are coming up with our second session of “Network & Learn”.

Listen to amazing speakers on IAAP Certifications and meet people you have never met & connect in breakout sessions

Event Details

The second session of ‘Network & Learn’ would be on 15th September 2021, 1.30 pm IST. (9.00 am UK time). The topic of discussion for the upcoming session is “How does IAAP certification boost your Professional Development?”

We have Ms. Rashmi Aghor from SAS Research and Development (India) Pvt. Ltd and Jodie Greer from Be #PeopleSmart who will be providing insightful talks around accessibility and the accessibility profession.

The event will be hosted by Ms. Shilpi Kapoor – Founder of, BarrierBreak with Mr. Mark Walker – Head of Marketing & Portfolio of AbilityNet hosting the networking.


To tune in for the second “Network & Learn” session, register here: 

Contact Details

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