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Launch of Ace Learning – Get started with your accessibility journey

I am so excited to share something that I have been extremely passionate about for a long time. And now, the secret’s finally out! We marked this Global Accessibility Awareness Day in a big way with the Beta launch of Ace Learning.

What is Ace Learning? A learning platform that aims to simplify accessibility – make learning about accessibility simple, enjoyable, and impactful.

But wait, there’s more to this announcement! You will get 3 “Free” Ace Bytes to jumpstart your accessibility journey.

So, what are Ace Bytes? They’re bite-sized learning modules packed with accessibility knowledge, delivered in a fun and engaging way!

For people who know me, also know that how passionate I am for Accessibility. Over the years, I have experienced and shared how accessibility can transform lives and open opportunities for everyone. And today, I am thrilled to see Ace Learning come to life. 

It’s a beta launch and my team is diligently working towards improving its features and adding more courses and bytes to it.

Don’t miss this chance to get ahead of the curve! Head over to the website and sign up for your Free Ace Bytes today.

And it doesn’t stop there. By signing up, you become part of a growing community that is dedicated to making the digital landscape more accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Share this opportunity with your connections and help spread the word Ace learning. 

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