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Image Description

Making images accessible to all with meaningful alternate textual description.

What we do

Image Description Services

Providing meaningful and accurate image description to images, pictures, graphs in your documents.

Images are an integral part on the web, in books, in documents, in content in general to visually communicate with the user. How do people using a screen reader, voice recognition software or people with cognitive impairment interpret an image?

Image descriptions or alternate text (alt text) are textual information about non-text content such as images, pictures, graphs or charts on your website or document. Adding alternative text for images is the first principle of web accessibility.

BarrierBreak helps you identify images in your website and documents that require alternate description as per WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.

At BarrierBreak, our image description services includes writing accurate image descriptions for images and also testing it with people with disabilities. We go beyond an automated caption, we write descriptions that are concise and clear in what they are communicating.

With expertise in understanding the global accessibility requirements, we have offered image description services to clients in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Qatar, European Union.

VPAT Consultation

Evaluate how providing Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) can benefit your products.

Meet BarrierBreak’s accessibility experts with Shashank Kapur, Director – Strategy & Growth for a 30 minutes consultation on VPATs.

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Image Description

Making images accessible with accurate and affordable solutions

We create image descriptions for all types of content related to technology, business content, website content, STEM subject, music etc. We ensure that the image descriptions convey the message and are fully understood by people with visual impairment using a screen reader.


Accessibility Testing
200,000 Hours Yearly

Documents Remediated
4 million+


Why work with us?

Reliable and quick turnaround of accurate image descriptions

  • Excellent understanding of accessibility and needs of people with disabilities

  • Image evaluation by accessibility experts

  • Quality work tested by users with disability

  • Compliance with different accessibility laws and standards such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0, ADA.


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