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How are people with disabilities perceived by themselves and others?

Let me start by saying this is my view and I am sure lots of you may agree or disagree with me and I am fine with that! It’s good to have differences.

Yes, I believe people with disabilities can do everything. Let me say this again, I believe that people with disabilities can do everything.

In a way, I have proved this through Barrierbreak, where people with disabilities co-exist with everyone.

In the last 18+ years, I have interacted with so many people with disabilities. Each of them views themselves differently. Again exactly like the rest of the world and why not:

  • Some people believe that they have been brave leaving their house irrespective of their disability. This might be a small achievement for some but a very big thing for that person.
  • For others, they have managed to travel the world and might look that leaving the house as a too small an achievement
  • Some people believe that they would like to be referred to as differently abled, others people they should be called people with disabilities
  • Some people believe that they can do everything and others might doubt themselves and need support

People have different thresholds, skills, ambitions, etc. People interpret their own challenges, opportunities, achievements as they see them. Let’s celebrate the differences. I am not saying this for only society at large but it’s also about how people with disabilities see themselves as well as each other.

Let’s embrace that! Let’s not question it.

Let’s inspire people to jump the hurdles that life gives them and celebrate the small and large wins.

As I am writing this, it sounds like each & everyone of us, doesn’t it?

Since I founded, Newz Hook – India’s first Inclusive & Accessible News Media site focusing on disability, accessibility and inclusion, these differences have become more apparent to me.

We share news and stories about people and these people view themselves in a certain way. Who am I to judge. What we are here to do is share their stories.

My own and my editor Shai Venkatraman’s opinion aside, it’s about the people!

Let’s come together to change attitudes towards people with disabilities!

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