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Home Higher Sales and a Business Win with Accessible Digital Products

Higher Sales and a Business Win with Accessible Digital Products

Accessible Digital Products - Higher Sales & Business Win

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a wake-up call and business now are considering accessibility of digital products as a priority. In an increasingly and undeniably digital world, it's important to have products that are accessible to everyone.

If you're looking to increase sales and win more business, making your digital products accessible is a great place to start. By ensuring that your websites, apps, and other digital products are accessible to users with disabilities, you can open your business to a whole new customer base.

There are a number of benefits to making your digital products accessible.

According to Forrester, about $10-16 billion in design spending between the US and Canada alone will shift towards tech companies that are prioritizing accessibility.

Benefits of ensuring Accessible Digital Products

  • Expand your reach: Providing accessible digital products gives your business an opportunity to tap into the 1-billion market of people with disabilities that has an annual disposable income of $1.2 trillion. Accessibility also helps you increase sales to government or the federal markets.
  • Win long term customers: People with disabilities tend to remain loyal to your business if they are able to access your digital products. The report from Business Disability Forum, UK, found that 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a service provider because of poor disability awareness at a cost of £1.8bn to UK businesses every month.
  • Comply with legal requirements: In many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the European Union, laws require that digital products be accessible to people with disabilities. The BarrierBreak team of accessibility experts provide you support for all your accessibility needs ensuring conformance to WCAG standards and compliance to Section 508ADAVPAT Creation
  • Improve the user experience: When your digital products are accessible, everyone can use them more easily and effectively. This can lead to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improve search engine optimization: Accessible digital products are often better coded, which can help them rank higher in search engine results. This can lead to more traffic and more sales.

Making your digital products accessible doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Incorporate accessibility in your digital products right from the beginning. There are several tools and resources available to help you. And, by taking the time to make your products accessible, you can reap a number of benefits for your business.

If you are looking for an accessibility partner who can help you get started or support you in your accessibility journey, get in touch now!

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