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Glassouse – Mouse Alternative that can be controlled with your head and mouth


Can a person with no hands or with no hand movement work on a computer? How can a person with spinal cord injuries, stroke patients, or people having bad motor skills, operate a computer mouse or use their finger(s) for tablets or phones?

BarrierBreak introduces “GlassOuse” to its Assistive Technologies product line specially designed for people with mobility and speech impairment.

An alternative to the computer mouse specially designed for people with no or limited hand movement, the GlassOuse is put on the head of the user and the cursor moves according to the head movements. The device is compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux, and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth.

The device is worn just like the way you wear glasses. It has a button attached to it. The mouse cursor on the screen moves as per your head movement and biting the attached (antibacterial) button performs clicks on the screen. Some of the features of the GlassOuse includes:

  • 3 different sensitivity options to catch every movements
  • Takes less than a second to type a character
  • Private use mouthpiece is hygienic. Materials used are non-carcinogenic and have CE and RoHS certification
  • Weighs only 50 grams. Designed to provide more efficiency and comfort
  • 160 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal angle precision. Involves 9 Axis gyroscope

One full set of GlassOuse include 1x GlassOuse, 2x Bite Click Silicone , 2x Ear Holder , 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x User Manual. Check out this video to know more about GlassOuse:

For a FREE demo write to us at or call us at +91-22-26860485/6/7.

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