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Fintech & Web Accessibility

Fintech & Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility will be key for the fintech sector to adopt. Banks worldwide were one of the first to embrace web accessibility whether it was due to regulations or lawsuits. I think it is safe to say, that access to banks, ATMs, online payment gateways, insurance, access to loans are equally required by people with disabilities.

Even if we look at the settlements like Bank of America California and Florida Agreement (2000), Best Buy POS Settlement Agreement (2010) or E*Trade Settlement Agreement Amendment (2018) on Lainey Feingold’s website, it is evident that the fintech sector will have to adopt web accessibility.

Today, the fintech space is seeing a lot of innovation. It is time for them to adopt web accessibility early on in their product development. A good starting point for fintech digital solutions is to start with adopting Web Content Accessibility Guideline.

3 questions to ask to ensure Fintech solutions are thinking accessibility:

  1. Does your potential customer include people with disabilities? With a Billion people with disabilities which constitutes 15% of the world population, this is a user base that you really can’t ignore!
  2. Does your product design consider the principles of inclusive design? Do you understand the needs of diverse groups of users. Think people with challenges with Vision, Hearing, Thinking, Reach & Dexterity & Mobility. Learn more about Inclsuive Design
  3. Do you test with people from diverse groups? Why not include people with disabilities as a part of your focus groups and user testing!

Fintech companies, it’s time to understand the market potential and build accessibility as a differentiator in your fintech products. Reach out to us via Email, or Book an appointment. We can work with your teams to build an inclusive fintech product.

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