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Experience Accessibility Session

Experience Accessibility Session


Participate in a live demo and accessibility review of your website by accessibility experts.

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Curious about how accessible is your website for people with disabilities? Don’t wait, sign up and see for yourself!

Meet BarrierBreak’s accessibility experts with Shashank Kapur, Director of Strategy & Business Development for a 45 minutes live demo and a brief accessibility review of your website.

Sign up to experience how people with disabilities navigate your website, what is working for them as well as the accessibility challenges.

Why Register for Experience Accessibility Session

  • See a live demo of a screen reader user
  • Discuss the accessibility successes and challenges on your website
  • Gain insights on how people with disabilities surf the web
  • Discuss accessibility implementation strategies

Who should Sign Up

  • C-level Executives
  • Marketing & Communication Heads
  • Accessibility Leads
  • Website Administrators
  • UI/UX Designers & Developers

Book Now! for Experience Accessibility Session

Meet Shashank Kapur

Shashank Kapur is passionate about Accessibility and is a CPACC. At BarrierBreak, he is responsible for strategy & business development.

He is supported by our amazing team of 220+ accessibility experts of which approx. 65% of the team comprises of people with disabilities.

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