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Home Digital Accessibility Solutions – Meet BarrierBreak at CSUN 2022

Digital Accessibility Solutions – Meet BarrierBreak at CSUN 2022

meet barrierbreak at booth 614 for digital accessibility solutions at csun 2022

Covid-19 is surely changing how we look at Inclusion! We have seen the adoption of online technologies accelerated across the globe. On one side, this will make the transition for people with disabilities easier but on the other hand, is our technology and content accessible so that we can truly make an impact and be inclusive?

These are times where:

  1. We have to move fast but ensure that we don’t ignore digital accessibility.
  2. Budgets will be scarce, and we need to find ways to do more with less.
  3. Teams would be stretched to make it happen but might not always have the resources needed.

At BarrierBreak, we understand this and we also believe this is an opportunity to make a difference.

We are the leaders in offshore digital accessibility specializing in Accessibility Testing, VPAT Creation, Accessibility Consulting and Accessible Documents. BarrierBreak’s People First approach includes people with disabilities as a part of our testing process. Every team consists of people with disabilities that are trained accessibility testers and specialists.

Come and learn about the packages to support your Accessibility needs. Meet our team at Booth 614 at CSUN 2022

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