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Braille Visiting Card – Simple start to inclusion!

A question that I have always asked myself in working on inclusion of people with disabilities has been, “Am I walking the talk?”. One small area to focus on is that first introduction to someone wherein we share a visiting card.

You must be wondering that what is in a braille card, how can it be a start to inclusion! Let me explain!

When I meet people who read braille, it is always amazing to see their reaction on receiving a braille card, since finally they don’t need to ask anyone for assistance to read the information.

When I meet people in general, often it’s seeing them touch the braille and a sense of intrigue as in what is this about? It’s a great place to start talking about inclusion & accessibility. For so many, it’s the start of looking at things differently.

At BarrierBreak, we have been fortunate that my brother-in-law designed and manufactured a machine for us to make braille visiting cards. It’s actually a braille press machine and has made it easy for us to do this at scale! Over the years, we have assisted corporates, NGOs and government officials by brailling their cards for them!

If you would like your visiting cards to represent your values, your ideologies, your belief in inclusion, call us at +91-7738204474 or write to us at It doesn’t matter where you are in India, we can courier it to you!

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