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Home Blog BarrierBreak and Samaage Partner to Deliver Mobility and Independent Living Solutions for People with Visual Impairment

BarrierBreak and Samaage Partner to Deliver Mobility and Independent Living Solutions for People with Visual Impairment

New partnership aims to deliver a comprehensive solution, set to enable blind and visually impaired people to travel, work, and live independently

BarrierBreak, a social enterprise that has established a leadership position in the space of accessibility and assistive technology and Samaage, an organization that creates systems for social change, today announced a partnership to deliver an array of mobility and independent living solutions for the blind and visually impaired people. These solutions are specifically tailored to seamlessly navigate and interact with indoor spaces while having access to critical information within these spaces. They are intended to assist people with disabilities to overcome employment barriers and become self-sufficient and independent contributing members of society.

The partnership brings together BarrierBreak’s deep expertise and decades of experience in providing accessibility solutions for the disabled using assistive technology with Samaage’s young and talented minds to deliver new age solutions to enhance inclusivity, improve educational experiences, and create employment enablers.

Speaking about the partnership, Shilpi Kapoor Founder and CEO BarrierBreak, commented “It is heartening to see that young companies like Samaage are taking interest in the accessibility space.  We see a lot of synergies in the kind of work that we are doing with Newz Hook, 6by6 and Samaage’s vision. We are impressed with their ability to create innovative technology solutions for the disability market. We are excited to support this young and dynamic team which brings fresh perspectives and cutting-edge technologies to help address critical needs in our industry.”

Kabir Nagral, Founder and CEO of Samaage said: “We are delighted to partner with BarrierBreak to jointly deliver solutions that can help address large scale human problems in society. Our Inner Vision platform is intended to enable people with disabilities to independently and fully utilize the spaces they live in, work in, and travel to, but is also designed for everyone in society to use. Together with BarrierBreak’s pioneering solutions, stellar reputation, and visible brand, we have the potential to transform the lives of people with disabilities”.

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