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Accessible Stock Ticker Released by BarrierBreak 

screenshot of accessible stock ticker by Barrierbreak

Most of us today deal in stocks isn’t it? Some of us do it to invest money whereas others want to make some additional money every day. After all who does not like to have an additional source of income? All of us would love to have additional income and this is true for people with disabilities too!  

But hang on…  

Are there accessible digital solutions available to help people with disabilities trade in stocks independently?  

When you are trading in stocks the most important piece of information is the stock price. Based on the price, you’ll decide to either sell it, hold on or even buy more stocks. Most financial sites use dynamically updating tickers these days to display stock prices.  

Question is are these stock tickers accessible?  Sadly, the answer is No! 

The idea of designing an accessible stock ticker came up when Amar Jain, a blind lawyer called up BarrierBreak to share the challenges that he faces while trading in stocks and understand if anything can be done here. So BarrierBreak decided to support and work on accessible solutions that will help people with visual impairments trade in stocks independently.

Next up, Priti Rohra, Chief Accessibility Officer at BarrierBreak and Amar Jain started discussing the challenges faced while trading in stocks and which accessible solutions can help. Amar mentioned that one of the biggest hurdle faced while trading for stocks is that prices are frequently updating, and these updates are not announced by a screen reader. This can mean losing out on booking profit or end up making a loss.  

The solution is that an Accessible Stock Ticker is needed to overcome the hurdle of dynamically updating stock prices. The team at BarrierBreak started working on the ticker and they involved users with visual impairments in the process of developing accessible stock ticker. Native screen reader users gave valuable inputs at different stages which helped in making the stock ticker accessible!  

Once the ticker was ready, Shilpi Kapoor, CEO of BarrierBreak said let’s share the ticker with the community, and so Accessible Stock Ticker is now made available on GitHub for anyone and everyone to use! 

Accessibility features of the Ticker 

Some of the accessibility features of the ticker include: 

  • Speak dynamic ticker updates: 3 options for screen reader users to choose from if they want the update to be announced immediately, or politely (when the user is idle) or don’t announce the updates. The idea behind adding these options was to give users the choice on how they would like the updates being announced for them! 
  • Keyboard operability: All the controls are operable with a keyboard. 
  • Focus visibility: A clear onscreen focus indicator is added for different controls to help keyboard-only users find out about their current location at any given time. 
  • Sufficient contrast: Text and non-text color contrast is sufficient to aid users with low vision and colorblind users perceive the information with ease. 

Do checkout the Accessible StockTicker in action 

We would love to hear from you, so do share your feedback in the comments and if you would like to discuss how to build and test accessible components, do feel free to email us.

Let’s build accessible solutions! 

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