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Accessible EPUB3 Conversion

Deliver accessible content with our accessible EPUB3 Conversion services.

What we do

Accessible EPUB3 Conversion Solutions

E-books are soon replacing printed books. It is critical for publishers and authors to ensure that e-books are accessible to people with disabilities. With 1 billion population of people with disabilities worldwide and international laws ensuring equal access to education, it is time publishers embrace accessible epub3 books at the start!

EPUB3 was developed  International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and then has been combined with W3C, which suits best to the needs of major publishers and corporates across the world for document standardization.

With global language support and better readability, EPUB3 provides you more flexibility and control over your content. BarrierBreak’s accessible EPUB3 conversion services offer you a content delivery strategy aligning to your organisations requirement.

Our team which includes accessibility experts and people with disabilities using various assistive technology,  provide quick and high quality standard accessible EPUB3 conversion services for all your contents. The team is capable of handling complex layout and content and convert them into accessible EPUB3 that is compliant with IDPF standards.

With expertise in understanding the global accessibility requirements, we have offered accessible EPUB3 conversion services to clients in India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Qatar, European Union.

Our expertise in accessible epub3 conversion services include converting books from:

  • Printed Books
  • Soft copy of books whether available as PDF or scanned documents
  • EPUB2 books
  • Daisy Format
Accessibility Sounding Board

Personalised advice to forward your organisations accessibility journey.

Meet Shilpi Kapoor for a 1 hour tête-à-tête focused discussion on accessibility.

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Accessible EPUB3

Efficient and reliable accessible EPUB3 conversion

We offer our expertise in developing Reflowable Content, Fixed Layout Books, HTML 5 Interactions, Video or Audio support content with quality and at a competitive cost. You can provide us the content in Word, Indesign, Scanned documents, PDF, HTML etc format and we convert them into EPUB3 standards by the IDPF.


Accessibility Testing
200,000 Hours Yearly

Documents Remediated
4 million+


Why work with us?

Expertise in HTML5, CSS and accessible EPUB3 with quick turn around solutions.

  • Accessibility consulting firm built and evolved in understanding the needs of persons with disabilities

  • Cost Effective and reliable source to implement accessibility guidelines across products and services

  • The right choice of accessibility vendor that delivers accurate accessibility audits & reviews

  • Ensure compliance with Section 508, ADA and conformance to WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1

  • Offshore accessibility consulting service to assist you at every phase of your product life cycle


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