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Accessibility Technical Playbook

Improve management and delivery of accessible information and communication technology across business.

What we do

Technical Playbook Solutions

A technical playbook is a comprehensive guide that provides a repository of strategies and best practices adopted by an organization across the teams. An Accessibility Technical Playbook provides guidance to ensure that your products and services are accessible and helps you minimize the risks of maintaining inaccessible digital environments.

With expertise in WCAG, Section 508,  and ADA, BarrierBreak works closely with your organization in developing technical playbook and provides a ready accessibility technical reference for the integration of accessibility across teams.

Our team which includes accessibility experts and people with disabilities using various assistive technology,  provide quick and high quality customized technical playbooks to help teams achieve maximum performance quickly & effectively. In simple terms, we assist you to put together what your organization does, why you do it, how you do it and who should be doing it – all documented in one place.

With expertise in understanding the global accessibility requirements, we have offered accessibility technical playbook services to clients in India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Qatar, European Union.

Our expertise assist you in developing a clear accessibility roadmap for your organization with examples that cater to your organization by creating different types of technical playbook for Websites, Mobile Apps, PDF documents, Office Applications. The technical playbook types include:

  • Design Accessibility Playbook
  • Development Accessibility Playbook
  • How to use a toolkit Playbook

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Accessibility Technical Playbook

Customized and cost effective Technical Playbook solutions

We offer our expertise in developing Technical Playbook that consist of a set of principles, practices, and strategies pertaining to accessibility and its adoption. The playbooks are customized as per your organizations needs and are designed to help you transform your technology and integrate accessibility in your business without any obstacles.


Accessibility Testing
200,000 Hours Yearly

Documents Remediated
4 million+


Why work with us?

Expertise in WCAG 2.0 & 2.1, Section 508, ADA with quick turn around solutions

  • Rich experience of handling large volume projects
  • Tested by persons with disabilities using assistive technologies
  • Agile approach towards providing accessibility support
  • Excellent understanding of accessibility and needs of people with disabilities

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