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3 Myths about living independently with Low Vision!


I have been working with the visually impaired for the last 18 years and find that people don’t understand the challenges of low vision. The assumption is always that you have lost your total sight! So not true. Let me shatter some of the myths around low vision.

1. Low Vision doesn’t mean that you are “blind”- On the contrary it means that you have a reduced level of vision that cannot be fully corrected with conventional glasses.

2. It doesn’t mean that you can’t read ever again – If your sight is not deteriorating, there are so many low vision aids that can help you to continue to read with magnification and high contrast.

3. If you can’t see the computer screen, don’t worry. Don’t be scared you don’t have to be forced into learning a screen reader software or braille. Check out Supernova Magnifier & Speech video and see how you can use your vision to continue to be independent.

Want to try all these fabulous technology, call Nishant at +91-7738204474 or email us at

Don’t be scared of low vision, if you have a child who has low vision or a parent who is facing challenges with age, don’t worry. Technology can empower you to live life to the fullest!

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