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Adaptive Keyboards

Typing made easy with adaptive keyboards.

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Adaptive Keyboards

How it works

Typing is the key and often the challenge to teach computers to people with disabilities. Assist your children with vision, learning or motor skill impairment to type using an adaptive keyboard that suits their needs in the classrooms, activity centres, at home or at work.

Introducing adaptive keyboards at an early stage ensures students / people with disability learn keyboarding skills and use them effectively to access computers.

  • Select a keyboard to suit the needs
  • Simply plug the USB connector cord & start using
  • Unique keyboard layouts for easy typing
  • Recommended by leading special educators

Typing with a difference

Struggling to use the keyboard? Introduce adaptive keyboard based on the needs of people with disabilities.

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Range of Adaptive Keyboards

Keys-U-See® Large Print Keyboard

Keys-U-See is a large print full Multimedia keyboard with a bigger and bolder font, specially designed for people with low vision. The colour contrast and the large print make the keys easier to see. The keyboard is designed to work with Windows operating systems and has 12 hot keys for easy access to internet and multimedia.

Clevy Colourful Keyboard

The Clevy Keyboard with its innovative colour coding and four times bigger keys is ideal to build interest and enhance keyboarding skills of those with learning & mobility impairment. The familiar font and spill proof capabilities make it easy to use for children with special needs.


Bold Typeface

Large and clear fonts on the keycaps for easy recognition.

High Visibility

Contrast or child friendly colours for easy visibility.

Plug & Play

Simply plug the USB connector cord into a USB port and you are ready to go.

Strong & Durable

The keyboards have the ability to withstand over 10 to 50 million keystrokes.



Typing with Large Print KeysUSee Keyboard

Using the colour-coded Clevy keyboard




If you are a screen reader user, click on the link to access the presentation

Clevy keyboard fun and colourful keyboarding solution

Our Customer Speak

The colour coded keys have helped us retain the focus of our students towards typing. It has become easier to teach them with the bigger & bold keys. The Key Repeat off feature is excellent as now we do not have to worry about repetitive taps on the keys....

Teacher, Reach School


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