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Accessible Format Tools

Convert text into Large Print, Braille, Daisy, Tactile or MP3 format with Accessible Format Tools

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Accessible Format Tools

How it works

People with disabilities might require books in different format.  With the Right to Education Bill in India clearly mentioning persons with disabilities, it is important that books are provided in the requisite format on request by the person.

With less than 5% of books available in accessible formats, schools, colleges and universities must provide people with disabilities access to textbooks and reading materials in various alternative format. Content can be provided in various alternate formats such as large print, daisy, braille, tactile or MP3 as per the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Select a product as per the need
  • Easy to set up and use, with no training required
  • Recommended by special educator professionals
  • Promotes inclusion at education institutes
  • Ensure that these tools are a part of Resource Centers and equal opportunity cells.

Accessible Information

Do you find difficult to provide text books, documents or information in various alternate formats for people with disabilities?

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Range of Accessible Format Tools

Dolphin EasyConverter

EasyConverter software easily creates Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Braille versions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper or taken as input from Word, PDF, html or text files.

Zyfuse Heater

Zy-Fuse Heater makes it easy for anyone to produce tactile diagrams that can assist people with visual impairment to understand concepts of maps, images and graphs. Tactile diagrams are printed on swell paper.



Introducing EasyConverter

Tactile Diagrams By Zychem


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